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Tuscan extra virgin olive oil

Our farm is located between Siena and Florence on the rolling hills which gently run down from the old Romanic S. Stefano Church to the villages of S. Casciano and Mercatale (300 m sl.).

Our family arrived here in 1934 when the head of the family, Gianni Alfani, together with his young sons, decided to stop being a sharecropper and to buy his own small farm. We've worked this farmland since then, sharing the same devotion to work and respect for nature as our forefathers. Our olive grove is about 3.5 Ha with 1470 trees. Among them are the most important and typical species of the area, such as Frantoio, Correggiolo, Moraiolo, Leccino, Leccio del Corno, Pendolino and Madonna dell'Impruneta.

Elegant paper boxes protect our oil from the natural degradation caused by the sunlight.

Olive Groves: It is necessary to remember that our olive groves are very old. Many trees were already there when our family bought the farm in 1934. The different varieties of the Chianti area have been planted randomly without following any rules, as it was until recently. Here below, you find some general information.

Ripening period: The ripening period depends on the weather during the growing season, specifically on the exposure of the groves to sunlight. For this reason, the harvest date varies yearly.

General Characteristics About Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil: general characteristics of extra-virgin “Monocultivar” oil: every year the sensory characteristics of the different oils change with respect to the weather conditions, the maturity reached when the fruits are picked, and the choice of extracting method. To obtain the best quality, we take our olives to the pressing mill within 4-6 hours from the picking.

Combinations: These are some small tips from simple farmers, this biggest consumers of this product.

Our tuscan extra virgin olive oil selection



Leccio del Corno

Madonna dell'Impruneta





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