follow link The Pendolino is the top pollenizer in our olive groves and until just a few years ago it was considered a plant with a scarce production of oil and of mediocre quality. Today we have been able to show that, through harvesting the olives at the right moment, that is at the beginning of the harvest, the yield is indeed very low but the oil obtained presents prized and unmistakable characteristics. And, as they say in Tuscany, "Less is more good." A highly vigorous plant with a hanging shape (hence it's name, from "pendulo" in Italian), it has a dense and voluminous head. The flowering is late with self-incompatible flowers and so it needs other cultivars for pollination. The olive has an elongated shape and is of medium-small size, with a uniform and precocious ripening with a low resistance to detachment. Good resistance at low temperatures.

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